Make an Appointment

The difference between a Free Evaluation and making an appointment with one of our attorneys is that the advice provided in response to a free evaluation is limited based on the information provided.  By making an appointment, the lawyer will dedicate the entire time to answering all your questions in-depth and provides the attorney the opportunity to ask important follow-up questions. This allows the lawyer to build a more complete understanding of the situation, allowing them to provide you with the best legal advice tailored to your unique situation or assist you in any legal matters down the road.      



1. 如需取消或更改预约咨询时间,请发送邮件至

2. 若于原预约时间24小时之前取消预约,可以收到除汇款手续费外的全部咨询费退款。

3. 若于原预约时间24小时以内取消预约,将不退还咨询费,但是您可重新安排预约时间。