Client: Ms. Shao

Case Type: H1B Visa 


"I had the interview this morning and everything went rather smoothly- they just reviewed the first page of my I797 and the confirmation of DS160, asked my two related questions like what did you do and how did u find the job. I can probably pick up my passport after three business days! Thank you all for your immediate information! getting well-prepared made me much more confident during the interview!” 

Client: Ms. Zhao

Case Type: 
Custom and Border Protection (airport) monetary and article seizure


贾律师您好 - 我收到了海关寄来的支票,并且已经把它存入我的账户!非常感谢您和您的团队对我的案子的帮助,同时也很负责,一直追“踪案子的进展!我代表我和我的家人向你表示深深的感谢!将来我的朋友如果需要法律援助,我肯定还会跟您联系!祝您工作顺利!

Client: Iris

Case Type: H1B Visa


"I just wanted to thank you and your team for helping my H1-B petition. It's tough to prepare all the documents within the limited time. However, your team did it efficiently and professionally. When I had questions about customizing my filings, I could always get what I needed from your team. Also, I would like to thank you for sharing the H1-B interview information with me. Great team, great job and great professional! Thanks!"